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Standa Filip is musician and inventor born in Most in 1957. He studied Physics in Brno and he was teachning at the Brno University of Technology since 1987 and in 1996 he moved to the Faculty of Fine Arts where he was teaching until 2011. He spent his young years in Košice where he began to make electronic sound generators. He started to build his first modular system of generators in 1972 and in 1976 he made his first keyboard instrument.

In 1981 he started legendary underground band “Ještě jsme se nedohodli” which is still playing concerts nowdays. In 1982 he made his first fretless electric guitar instrument “Prkno” which became legendary through his band and is still played. Since than he made several DIY Guitars. In 1986 he introduced his ironical composition “Symfonie Eš-dur poťapaná” which featured his DIY electronic drum machine and big construction electric instrument with several pickups. In 1991 he composed 3 compositions for album Bittová & Fajt which became one of the most recognized Czechoslovakian albums of alternative music.

In the mid 90s he contributed to exhibitions HiTech Umění in The Moravian Gallery (1995) and The House of Art in Brno (1997 & 1998) and also was assistant of Woody Wasulka (and others: Tomas Ruller, Peter Rónai ) at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He was member of bands “Pomalý posun”, “Pomalé prostředky” (multimedia project 2003) and others. He is member of band “Klikva Klikva” that performs since 2007. He performed with “FILIP_RICHTR_PELOUŠEK” at Multiplace festival 2011 where he also gave talks about his DIY approaches.

video channel of Standa Filip talks about DIY in Czechoslovakia and about his instruments
photo: Standa Filip and his instruments


Standa Filip playing his instruments