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frauAngelico – drum synthesizer based on fraAngelico

We are introducing frauAngelico free open-source hack software for fraAngelico!

It is sample based drum synthesizer with microsampling possibilities and step-sequencer! More infor about functionality is in the how to use frau tutorial


You thought that handmade instruments of the size of monotron are just noise-makers? You were wrong! Check out how frauAngelico rocks!


What did you think can fit into the Arduino chip? Polyphonic drum sampler with sequencer and microsampling features capable to store 24 patterns (each 32 steps) and full settings for 32 different sounds based on a TR-808 sound bank! And… much more…




  • sample based polyphonic plaback (6 voices)
  • 8 fully adjustable sounds for each preset that can be triggered by midi or by built in sequencer
  • microsampling features to adjust the sound ( loop length, shift speed, start, cut)
  • bitCrusher, pitchDown, softVolume
  • sample rate knob
  • step sequencer with record feature, tap tempo, pattern length and shuffle
  • it can store 6 double-patterns (32 steps = 8 beats) in each preset
  • 4 presets
  • jump button
  • mute button for individual sounds
  • metronome
  • optional double pedal input 3.5mm stereo jack connector for shift and monome button
  • various sample banks available (TR-808, 8-BIT, BASIC)
  • size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
  • 5 knobs
  • 3 switch menu buttons
  • 4 big performance buttons
  • 3 side hack buttons for aditional features
  • 1 volume knob
  • input voltage: 9V
  • MIDI input( MIDI through by special cable)
  • jack 3.5mm output

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frauAngelico DEMO

sound Demos

frauAngelico soundDemo by Standuino

DJ Vodka presents frauAngelico

Deep inside frauAngelico

frauAngelico was used in production of this music video – Láčes u rybníka


  • frauAngelico with TR 808 soundbank sourcecode – download  – consists of 12 samples (kick,snare,clap,openHat,closedHat,low tom,mid tom, mid conga, high conga, maracas, cowbell, rimshot)

The software for frauAngelico is free and open-source, if you use it and you like it please donate. // the software is being tested now – it will be published soon