SOLD OUT buy 2π [pi] – white noise limited edition

50 pcs limited edition of mysterious drone synth

Note: the instruments are already assembled and ready to be tested and shipped so we should manage to ship in 2 weeks. However please note that they are all handmade and fairly modified so some complications with testing (thus delays in shipping) might appear. We will keep you updated about your order.

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box size: 15 x 10.5 x 5 cm with the assembled instrument in the felt case (power supply not included)

What else to go for:

Minimal Soldering Set 20€

If you do not have the soldering tools to build the kit but you still want to save some money we recommend you to go for the “minimal soldering set”. It also works as repairability upgrade thus as a lifetime warranty to your device.

USB to MIDI cable – 10€
9V Power adaptor – 10€
9V Battery adaptor cable – 3€
Jack cable for Standuino (3.5mm stereo -> 6.3mm mono) – 3€

All units will be shipped latest in two weeks after the order was placed.

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